SmartCtrl history

Further improving it

SmartCtrl v1.0
  • DC/DC Predefined topologies (single and double loops)
  • Import transfer function from txt file
  • Bode plots, Polar plots
  • Export regulator to PSIM
  • Parametric sweep
  • Solutions map
  • Regulator design algorithms (K, K-plus, Manual)
  • Text data panels
SmartCtrl v2.0 & SmartCtrl v2.0 Pro

In addition to SmartCtrl  1.1

  • New link SmartCtrl – PSIM (power stage, initial conditions)
  • Audiosuceptibility and output impedance plots
  • Enhanced PFC design tool
  • s-domain transfer function for the plant (coefficients).
  • New design space for PI controllers
  • New global export function

SmartCtrl 2.0 Pro  

  • Digital control design tool (V1 analog translation)
SmartCtrl v1.1

In addition to SmartCtrl  1.0

  • Boost PFC converter
  • Transient plots
  • Plant in Txt format (from AC sweep)
  • Import transfer functions (Merge)
  • Export transfer functions and transient plots
SmartCtrl v2.1 & SmartCtrl v2.1 Pro

In addition to SmartCtrl  2.0

  • Peak- current mode control
  • Any analytical formula is now supported. Model generation as easy as Mathcad or Matlab.
  • Additional loads. Battery chargers, constant power load, etc.
  • Input impedance plots. System stability analysis
  • Enhanced solutions map
  • Steady-state waveforms. Fast scale stability analysis
  • Updated link to PSIM

SmartCtrl 2.1 Pro  

  • Digital control design tool (V2 design directly in z domain)
SmartCtrl v3.0

Coming soon… a new version with a lot of new features.

Click here to learn about the upcoming version and its features.