What’s new in SmartCtrl 3.0

Find what’s new in SmartCtrl

Starting from a specification, design quickly and visually the best control for your converter and get the results for an analog or digital control.

Automatic design of the  power stage and the analog controller:

  • Power stage optimization
  • Best MOSFET and diode selection from vendors database
  • Automatic Snubber design
  • Complete power losses calculations conduction and  switching losses. SiC  MOSFET and diodes are also considered
  • Analog controller optimization

Complete transformer and inductor design

The New Complete Vendor’s Database

    • The most important manufacturers database are now included in SmartCtrl to optimize the power stage
    • MOSFET, Diodes, Core materials, Core Shapes, Conductors (AWG, Litz wires, etc.), Capacitors
    • These database can be easily exported / imported and changed by user

The New Equations Editor

  • This built-in function supports the definition of customized plants and sensors transfer functions.
  • Multiple transfer functions can be plotted at the same time to compare the results.
  • Sensitivity analysis can be performed for any of the parameter of custom model.

New Input Impedance Calculation

Check the system level stability with the new Zo – Zi built-in function

For every DC-DC converter and control type, the input impedance (Zi) and the output impedance (Zo) are shown as additional Bode Plots

Use the interactive SmartCtrl´s Solution Map to shape Zo and Zi in order to assure the system level stability

These analysis is very interesting for telecom dc distributed systems, power distribution in satellites, etc.

From specs to bits: Automatic design of the digital control