Use SmartCtrl Equation Editor to design the control of any converter

Model Index

Model Index for using in the Equation Editor to design the control of any power converter:

DC-DC Converters

Non-Isolated Topologies

    • Buck
    • Boost
    • Buck-Boost
    • Sepic

Isolated Topologies (Hard Switching)

    • Flyback
    • Flyback (Multiple Output)
    • Forward
    • Half-Bridge
    • Full-bridge

Resonant Topologies and soft switching

    • Active-Clamp Forward
    • Series Resonant Full-Bridge
    • LLC

Bidirectional Converters

    • Synchronous Buck
    • Non-Inverting Buck-Boost (4 Switches)
    • Dual Active Bridge
DC-AC Converters



    • Voltage-Source Converter dq Control
    • Voltage-Source Converter ab Control
    • Grid-Tied Converter dq Control
    • Grid-Tied Converter ab Control
    • UPS
    • Active Filter

External control loops, PLL blocks, Droop Control, etc. are considered

Motor drive

    • DC Motor drive
    • Brush-Less DC Motor
    • Induction-Motor (Vector Control)
    • Direct torque control (DTC) of induction-motor
    • Permanent-magnet synchronous motor (Vector Control)
    • Switched-Reluctance Motors
AC-DC Converters and PFC
    • Single-Phase PFC (Analog IC´s)
    • Single-Phase PFC (Digital)
    • Single-Phase Line-Commutated Rectifier
    • Three-Phase Boost PFC dq control
    • Three-Phase Boost PFC ab control
    • Three-Phase Buck PFC dq control
    • Three-Phase Buck PFC ab control
    • Three-Phase Line-Commutated Rectifier