Power Smart Control starts in 2015 becoming reality the initial project lead by University Carlos III professors and researchers since 2007.

This team was partially dedicated to the Power Converters control design research, and from this knowledge and experience was born the first version of SmartCtrl: a revolutionary software for design and optimization of power converters control design.

In 2009 we started to commercialize the software thanks to strategic agreements with 8 international distributors.

Today SmartCtrl’s presence worldwide is the confirmation of its success.

Used in leader industries, Research Centers and top universities guide us in the continuous enhancement of the software and take us to the next level, extending Power Smart Control activities to offer added value solutions to our customers:

• Consulting services

• Tailor-made training courses

• Customized solutions

Application: Electronic Energy Management. Power electronics as enabling technology for future developments.

What we do: we design tools and create specific services for optimizing power converters control design. Simple solutions for complex problems

Why us?: Technology, experience and knowledge at one click

Our advantage: We make the latest technology and research results available to companies, developing tools and added value solutions to turn ideas into real products.