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Power Smart Control team can help you from the very beginning, starting with the concept & initial studies up to the complete development of your power electronic system according to your needs.

PSC actively participate in research projects, so we always know and master the latest technologies.

Technical skills training. Improve your team performance.

Encouraging learning you are creating more engaged and productive workers.

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Customized Design & Consulting

We can help you with your power electronics projects

Do you need to develop your product faster? Power Smart Control have wide experience in advanced Power Electronics and Energy Management applications using innovative technologies, the latest components and smart solutions.

Our engineering services:

Our areas of expertise and customers are related to sectors as:

As an added value, Power Smart Control can also design and provide your own custom Hardware in the Loop (HIL) system for real-time simulation in the control development process. Visit our product section.

Hardware in the loop

We are experts in Digital Control

Dynamic ModellingEMI Filters DesignFPGA and SoC Based Universal Control BoardCustomized Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
Control DesignMagnetic Components OptimizationControl IP CoresTest Bench Design
Reference Designs for SimulationLay-Out, Busbar and Snubber DesignEthernet, CAN and other Communication ProtocolsScale-down Prototypes Design and Production
Cooling System OptimizationReal-Time Variable Login for FPGA Variables Monitorization
Multi-objective Converter Optimization: efficiency, size, cost, etc.Customized User Interface for PC

Training Courses

Education is in our DNA. We know the value of knowledge and time.

Expand your engineering excellence with the right training: your development team may need a capability boost by upskilling.

Our key success factors:

🔺 Individual training courses adapted to your needs.
🔺 Experienced trainers.
🔺 From the basics to the cutting-edge technology: we can provide training on basic power electronics concepts as well as specific, specialist expertise for your applications.

Our courses will provide an up-to-date revision of the power electronics main topics, design techniques and PSIM and SmartCtrl basic and advanced use.

In addition to PSIM & SmartCtrl basic use, every power electronic circuit will be simulated using PSIM. Therefore, deep knowledge about using PSIM will be acquired with any of the other training focused on specific applications.

The general concepts that can be covered include the following topics:

Course StructureTopicsHours
FundamentalsTopic 1: Power Electronics Basics and DC-DC Converters24
Topic 2: Analog & Digital Control of DC-DC Converters24
Power Stage DesignTopic 3: Design and optimization of inductors for power electronics applications16
Topic 4: Design of High-Frequency transformers8
Topic 5: Design and Optimization of Power Electronics Converters24
Topic 6: Thermal Management of Power Converters8
Topic 7: EMI Filter Design8
Power Electronics ApplicationsTopic 8: Design of Power Factor Correction (PFC) Rectifiers16
Topic 9: Modulation Techniques for Single-Phase and Three-phase inverters8
Topic 10: Modelling and Control of Single-phase and Three-phase voltage Source Inverters24
Topic 11: Digital Control of Medium-High Power DC-DC converters24
Special Power Electronics ApplicationsTopic 12: Regenerative breaking modelling and control4
Topic 13: Cascaded converters: modelling and stability analysis6
Topic 14: Modular converters based on DAB ISOP (input-series and output-parallel connection)4
SoftwareTopic 15: From basic concepts to advance simulations with PSIM & SmartCtrl8
Electromagnetic Compatibility EMI-EMCTopic 16: Understanding electromagnetic compatibility24