Power electronics is the enabling technology for the future.

We need to develop solutions to make the energy consumption smarter: more efficient, reliable and green.

Power management optimizes control of electric power in electronic equipment, which can impact reliability, performance, cost, and time-to-market.

As a multidisciplinary field of engineering different knowledge areas are involved in every power electronics design. Our team experience enables us to offer turnkey solutions perfectly adapted to customer specifications and needs.

We can collaborate in every stage of the design process: with reference designs for simulation, IP cores, scaled prototypes, dynamic modelling, magnetic components optimization and real time simulation systems.

Power Electronics applications:

  • DC/DC and AC/DC power converters: simulation, design and implementation
  • Design of magnetic components
  • Design of analog circuits for instrumentation

Digital Systems:

  • Digital control of power converters
  • FPGA-based System Design
  • Design of Digital Architectures