There is no doubt about the advantages of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation in the development and test of complex process systems. Hardware-In-the-Loop differs from real-time simulation by the addition of a real component in the loop.

Using HIL systems reduce cost, delay and risk during the development phase and we could say is mandatory when the designer has to deal with complex, combined, electro-mechanical systems which need embedded control algorithms.

What is Power Smart Control contribution?

Our expert engineers and their know-how.

Using commercial HIL solutions is an option, but it could be a time-consuming task that will divert your resources away from your core business. You will need to define and optimize your system models for real-time execution and probably define a custom interface hardware to connect your system to general purpose HIL solution. What if your application requires a particular communication protocol not included in the commercial HIL?

We are able to define all the optimized mathematical models of your system, translate these concepts into a programming language and finally implement this into the development platform, that will be connected to your specific carrier I/O board.

The I/O carrier board is also one of the main advantages of our customized solution: tailor-made to specific requirements and level of performance. All the digital and analog signals of your real time simulator properly adapted, protected and ready for connection.

With our turnkey solution concept, you will get a “plug&play” HIL system according to your specifications. Complete an accurate simulation of specific components and its dynamics, even those outside of the usual libraries of the commercial HILs. Any element will be modeled for you.

How many cRTS systems do you need?

The main investment of our cRTS is made in the first unit, our goal is to help you with the development time and knowledge, every additional unit can be ordered at a very competitive price.

PSC customized HIL

– Our customized HIL systems include specific hardware designed upon customer specifications, with our tailor-made hardware just pay for the functionalities you are going to use.
– Spend your time and money in the specification of your system, not in the adaptation of general purpose HIL emulator.
– Accurate emulation of the sensor chains (voltage, current, temperature, etc.).
– Embedded test patterns and customized power amplifiers for post-production testing.
Up to nano second range time step. Fast dc-dc converters can be emulated.
Any element and subsystem will be modeled for you.
All communication protocols are possible.
Very competitive cost for several units.