Use SmartCtrl Equation Editor to design the control of any converter

The equations editor supports the definition of customized plants and sensors transfer functions, through the “design a generic plant” and “design a generic control system” options. It supports two different features:

Design a generic topology
In this case the equations editor is used to define the plant transfer function of the converter, while the sensor and the regulator are pre-defined ones.

Design a generic control system
In this other feature, the user is able to define the plant as well as the sensor transfer function, and both of them are introduces through the equations editor.

Design a generic control system independently
Edit your plant model independently (out of the software flow) and generate dynamic models from its transfer function.

DC-DC Converters

Non-Isolated Topologies

– Buck

– Boost

– Buck-Boost

– Sepic

Isolated Topologies (Hard Switching)

– Flyback

– Flyback (Multiple Output)

– Forward

– Half-Bridge

– Full-Bridge

Resonant Topologies and soft switching

– Active-Clamp Forward

– Series Resonant Full-Bridge


Bidirectional Converters

– Synchronous Buck

– Non-Inverting Buck-Boost (4 Switches)

– Dual Active Bridge

DC-AC Converters

Single Phase

Voltage-Source Converter 

– Grid-Tied Converter

Three Phase

– Voltage-Source Converter dq Control

– Voltage-Source Converter ab Control

– Grid-Tied Converter dq Control

– Grid-Tied Converter ab Control


– Active Filter

External control loops, PLL blocks, Droop Control, etc. are considered.

Motor Drive

– DC Motor Drive

– Brush-Less DC Motor

– Induction Motor

– Direct Torque Control (DTC) of Induction-Motor

– Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor (Vector Control)

– Switched-Reluctance Motors

AC-DC Converters and PFC

– Single-Phase PFC (Analog IC’s)

– Single-Phase PFC (Digital)

– Single-Phase Line-Commutated Rectifier

– Three-Phase Boost PFC dq Control

– Three-Phase Boost PFC ab Control

– Three-Phase Buck PFC dq Control

– Three-Phase Buck PFC ab Control

– Three-Phase Line-Commutated Rectifier