About Power Smart Control

Power Smart Control is an engineering company focused on innovative solutions in Power Electronics.

We provide design and simulation software for power electronics, customized hardware products, consulting and training.

Power electronics is a key enabling technology and the requirements for power electronics systems are becoming more and more demanding, directly impacting on reliability, performance, cost, and time-to-market.

From the inception, developing and debugging, manufacturing and operation, we support our customers with their most challenging projects.
Our agile engineering team will find the best solution to meet the customer specifications in a cost-effective way.

Our expertise:
🔺 Control Design Software: SmartCtrl.
🔺 Modelling. Simulation. Control design.
🔺 Hardware in the Loop combined with Digital Twin concept.
🔺 Embedded oscilloscope.
🔺 Predictive maintenance embedded in the control and power stage.
🔺 Advanced intelligent Test Benches.