Altair Software

Cutting-edge software for Electronic Design and Multiphysics

Power Smart Control is a certified Altair Channel Partner in Spain and Portugal. Being an Altair Channel Partner, allows us to provide our valued customers with access to a wide array of engineering software especially in the field of Electronic Design and Multiphysics, such as:

Simulation and design software designed for power electronics and motor drive applications.

Electromagnetic and thermal simulation.

Electromagnetic simulation of high-frequency EMC.

Multiphysics environment, with thermal, electrical and structural calculations.

PCB verification at different levels, such as electromagnetic, thermal, signal integrity, power integrity or EMI vulnerability, among others.

Multidisciplinary design exploration and optimization.

Environment for embedded system and firmware development, including automatic code generation for multiple microcontrollers, power supplies, digital power components, and libraries with over 175 prebuilt motor/drive models for simulation.

Environment for doing math calculations, manipulating, and visualizing data, programming, and debugging scripts useful for repeated computations and process automation.

Open and flexible integration solution that enables block-diagram modeling and systems-of-systems simulation.

Structural solver with comprehensive, accurate, and scalable solutions for linear and nonlinear analyses across statics and dynamics, vibrations, acoustics, fatigue, heat transfer, and multiphysics disciplines.

Structural analysis technology that totally eliminates geometry simplification and meshing.

Creation of designs focused on both performance and manufacturability.

Specialized software for the design of electric motors.

A comprehensive set of tools to solve fluid mechanics problems.

Analog electronic circuit simulator including a command line tool for reading input text files written in Spice syntax and a waveform viewer.