Products adapted to your Power Electronics needs

Power Electronics is a key enabling technology in the process of electrification and strategic human activities are undergoing a very pronounced electrification process: Energy, Transportation, Communications, Health…

As a result, the requirements for power electronics systems are becoming more and more demanding. Better performance: efficiency, size, weight & cost is needed in the Power Stage and improved intelligence, communications & adaptation to source and load conditions are required in the Control System.

In Power Smart Control we are experts in Power Stage and Digital Control design, and we offer ready-to-use platforms for Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) and Rapid Power Prototyping (RPP).

Our agile engineering team will provide the best solution to meet the customer specifications in a cost-effective way. Customer engagement during project development ensures that the solutions we provide meet our customer’s specifications and expectations.

Innovative ideas in hardware, firmware and software solutions.

SmartRCP is a control platform that provides a breakthrough and robust solution for fast and efficient validation of power electronics converters. It allows a perfect balance between digital processing power and hardware interconnectivity to implement any control algorithm and apply it to any converter topology effortlessly.

   PWM modulation features are fully controlled as they are defined in C or VHDL.
   The code validated by RCP can be exported directly into the real Control Unit.
   Remote Controlling capabilities.
   Embedded oscilloscope & datalogger and advanced post-processing tools.
   In deep documentation and application examples provided
   PSC Engineering & Consulting services available upon request.
   Suitable for distributed control techniques.

What does SmartRCP include?
🔺SmartRCP device
🔺Hardware drivers for all board peripherals fully compiled as an IP core, ready to use.
🔺All Vivado and Vitis configuration.
🔺Complete User Manual, including software and hardware descriptions.
🔺Embedded waveform viewer.
🔺Synchronous Buck Converter template and Demo Board for example application.

32 · Digital inputs 0-24V (Isolated – sampled at 10kHz)
32 · Digital outputs 0-24V (Isolated – updated at 10kHz)
36 · PWM output channels (0-5V – RS422 – Differential – Isolated – sampled at 4ns)
12 · Fast analog input channels (0-5V – 12bits – 3Ms/s)
12 · Slow input analog channels (0-5V – 12bits – 500ks/s)
16 · Analog output channels (0-5V – 16bits – 500ks/s)
1 · Ethernet (1GB – RJ45)
4 · USB 2.0
2 · ETH RJ45 to parallel converters or distributed controlling
2 · UART (USB converted)
2 · RS485 (Full/Half duplex)
1 · MicroSD card
1 · Programming and debugging microUSB
1 · Reset button
Power requirements (24V – 60W max)

PWM Channel chains details
🔺PWM channels are fully electrically isolated.
🔺To reduce noise susceptibility, a differential RS-422 protocol is used, and all connectors are shielded.
🔺Additional enable and status/error signals are provided to interface driving circuitry.

Analog input chains details
🔺All input analog channels share analog chain topology and input spam of 0-5V.
🔺Antialiasing filters are tuned at 1,5MHz for fast channels and 200kHz for slow channels.
🔺Analog front end provides a differential input with selectable input impedance, low input current and high bandwidth.

The SmartRCP computing core is based on an AMD Kria K26 SOM. This platform allows the integration of a custom AMD Zynq UltraScale MPSoC build together with an embedded processing system. Thus, a robust and efficient compromise between microprocessor-based and FPGA programming is achieved, enabling the development of any power electronics control architecture with almost no limits.

Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A53 MPCore™ up to 1.5 GHz
Dual-core Arm Cortex-R5F MPCore up to 600 MHz
Mali™-400 MP2 up to 667 MHz
4GB 64-bit DDR4 (non-ECC) and 16 GB eMMC
256k System Logic Cells
234k CLB Flip-Flops
117k CLB LUTs
144 BRAM
1248 DSP Slices
2 speed grade, low voltage and –40 to 100°C temperature range


Versatile and Flexible Power Converter​ for rapid HW prototyping and validation.

🔺Configurable: can be used as two half-bridges or one full bridge.
🔺Up to 20 kW output power.
🔺Switching frequency up to 500 kHz.
🔺Multiple topologies implementation: Buck, Boost, Four Switch Buck-Boost, Dual Active Bridge, Resonant topologies, etc.
🔺Can achieve 0% or 100% duty cycle in both half bridges.
🔺Based on SiC MOSFET technology.
🔺Forced convection cooled.
🔺Simplified interface between Rapid HW Prototyping and control board

Coming soon!

The Versatile and Flexible Power Converter is based on a modular system, consisting of a main frame including the power stage, two driver boards and several isolated voltage and current sensors.​

Maximum DC voltage​​500 V​​
Maximum leg current​80 A​​
Maximum switching frequency​​500 kHz​​
Maximum Output Power​​20 kW​
Peak current​32 A​
Sensitivity​3.388 mV/V​​
Rating​0 - 600 V​
Bandwidth​275 kHz​
Sensitivity​13.2 mV/A​​
Rating​​±100 A​​
Bandwidth​​200 kHz​​