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Power Electronics is a key enabling technology in the process of electrification and strategic human activities are undergoing a very pronounced electrification process: Energy, Transportation, Communications, Health…

As a result, the requirements for power electronics systems are becoming more and more demanding. Better performance: efficiency, size, weight & cost is needed in the Power Stage and improved intelligence, communications & adaptation to source and load conditions are required in the Control System.

In Power Smart Control we are experts in Power Stage and Digital Control design.

Our agile engineering team will provide the best solution to meet the customer specifications in a cost-effective way. Customer engagement during project development ensures that the solutions we provide meet our customer’s specifications and expectations.

Innovative ideas in hardware, firmware and software solutions.

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Our areas of expertise:

Power Smart Control areas of expertise products

We can develop the control board for your power electronics system, the custom Hardware-in-the-Loop to help you in the development process of the control algorithm, the IP core and even the Test Bench to validate your final control board produced before the integration in the final system.

In a highly competitive and demanding environment, it is important to reduce both development costs and time to market while delivering high quality and reliable products.

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) is a cost-effective technique that allows the power converter to be replaced by a real-time simulation model, avoiding building prototypes in the early stages for the development and validation of the controller.

Using commercial HIL solutions is an option, but it could be a time-consuming task and divert your resources from your core business.

Power Smart Control bets all its experience and know-how going one step further: we develop your customized HIL system, from the modelling of the system to the final test of the customized hardware.

We provide your team of design engineers with a HIL Solution to which they can connect remotely, perform all kinds of tests on the system thanks to its virtual Grid Emulator and visualize all the internal variables of your control system thanks to an advanced oscilloscope function. All this is in addition to a hardware adapted to your system to the smallest connection.

Fully adapted HW interface to customer control units

🔺 Customized voltage I/O (voltage level and bandwidth)

🔺 Customized current I/O (current level and bandwidth)

🔺 Customized temperature I/O

🔺 Specific driving signals of contactors

🔺 Bus Can drivers, 485 drivers, etc.

🔺 Ethernet, USB 2.0

Fully adapted models for customer applications

🔺 Customized grid model (Voltage dips, unbalanced operation, harmonics, line impedance)

🔺 Customized generator – motor model (Induction motor-generator, PMSM, DFIG, Switched reluctance motor, etc.)

🔺 Customized models for energy storage elements (batteries, batteries & BMS, ultra-capacitors, etc.)

🔺 Customized models for energy sources (PV panels, wind models, fuel-cells, SMES, flywheels, etc.)

Special functions

🔺 Grid codes compliance (Voltage dips, unbalanced operation, harmonics, line impedance, inter-harmonics, overvoltage, Frequency variations, Islanding filters)

🔺 Islanding detection

🔺 Failure modes injection

🔺 Power supply consumption emulation

🔺 Power losses emulation (inductors, IGBT, SiC, etc.)

Fully adapted SW user interface & oscilloscope function

🔺 Customized plots and graphs (PV curves, grid operation plots, phasor plots, etc.)

🔺 Customized schematics

🔺 Configurable parameters

🔺 Contactor returns control

🔺 Failure test definition

🔺 Fully customization of variable names (according to project specifications Induction motor-generator, PMSM, DFIG, Switched reluctance motor, etc.)

Power Smart Control provides IP Cores for the Digital Control of Power Electronics. Control structures and function blocks for SoC and FPGA based controllers:

🔺 Pi, PID, P-Resonant

🔺 DQ structures, alfa-beta structures

🔺 PLL and sequence separators

🔺 Feedforward compensations

🔺 Sampling techniques

🔺 Advanced modulators:

🔺 Optimized SHE (scalar or vector control)

🔺 Space vector modulation

🔺 Overmodulation techniques, etc.

🔺 Others

Advanced control algorithms. Example of IP Core: Optimized SHE modulator for vector control

Considering the complexity of the control boards of current power electronics systems used in Energy, E-mobility or Aerospace applications it is necessary to validate properly these control systems before they are installed onsite or simply tested with the real systems.

Our automatic Test Bench tailor-made designs perform a completely automatic verification of customer control units helping the manufacturer to deliver a 100% functional control unit: zero errors, maximum quality.

Digital Control improves performance, but it can be a real challenge if you don’t master the technology:

🔺 New control algorithms & optimized modulators

🔺 New digital platforms

🔺 New design tools and methodology

We have designed a Universal Control Board including up to 12PWM signals, with integrated current and voltage sensors, Power Supply, and communication protocols (Ethernet, CAN, USB 2,0).

Do you need any modification? It is completely customizable, and we will do it for you.


🔺 Wind Turbine Back-to-Back Converter

🔺 Photovoltaic Inverters (2 inverters in parallel)

🔺 Railway Inverters (2 inverters in parallel)

🔺 High power DC-DC multi-phase (3Ph interleaving Buck-Boost Converter)

Control Board power electronics

At present, converter control enables functionality and communications. In the near future, these capabilities should grow exponentially, endowing the converter with remarkable intelligence and adaptability to operating conditions.

Digital control platforms will play a key role in this process.

Power Smart Control proposal to enter into digital design and become an expert in new System-on-Chip devices is based on the use of Desktop Power Electronics development boards, scaled-down prototypes of versatile power converters connected to cost-efficient SoC development board.

This is a perfect tool for beginners to initiate in the digital control of power converters using SoC devices.

For the medium-advanced level firmware engineers, this option provides the opportunity of testing the control algorithm directly on its desktop. This reduces drastically the developing time and cost of the debugging process on the real converter.

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Flyback DC-DC Converter

3-Ph front to front Inverter – PFC Rectifier

Full-Bridge Phase Shifted DC-DC converter